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One Piece Chapter 979

One Piece The Anticipated Escape Plan Teased On The Latest Chapter

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert!!! Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga has been running on Shueisha for more than 2 decades and the anime adaptation of the manga...
Attack on Titan Ending

Attack on Titan Star Gets Emotional After The Manga Confirmed April Ending Date

Attack On Titan Season 4 anime's finale is doubtlessly going to have the protagonist Eren Yeager up front for the last skirmish of the...
No Guns Life

No Guns Life Anime’s 2nd Cour Delayed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

No Guns Life, the anime adaptation of Tasuku Karasuma's manga that debuted on from October 2019 to December managed to get fans' attention with...
My Hero Academia Bakugo

My Hero Academia’s Bakugo İs Brought To Life On A Dragon Ball Z Makeover

When we mention Dragon Ball Z, we can say that is an icon, Akira Toriyama's creation, and one of the best shōnen anime series...
The Irregular At Magic Highscool

The Irregular At Magic High School New Anime Announced

The Japanese anime and music company Aniplex reported at an occasion for The irregular at magic high school establishment on Sunday that it is...

Given Boys-Love Manga Announces Stage-Play Adaptation

Given boys-love manga that managed to received huge support from romance genre fans with its anime adaptation is getting a stage play that will...
Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Creator Sends A Message Regarding The Release Of The HERO’S Crossover

Hiro Mashima is one of the most famous manga authors of all time with its legendary Fairy Tail creation that ran with its anime...
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020 event announced on their first...
Death Note One Shot Manga
Shueisha's Jump SQ. magazine's February Issue uncovered on Saturday that Tsugumi...

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Attack on Titan the Real

Universal Studios Japan Released Its First Anime Video for “Attack on Titan the Real”...

Universal Studios Japan released its first animated video on Sunday for its "Attack on...
Naruto Sexy Jutsu

Stunning Cosplay Brings Naruto’s Genderbent Form To Life

Naruto is one of the most iconic anime series of all times, introduced quite...
Weathering With You İn United States

Weathering With You Film Sells Tickets Worth Over US$5 Million İn 6 Days İn...

The official website for Box Office Mojo announced on Sunday that Weathering With You...
One Piece

One Piece Anime’s New English Dubbed Episodes’ Release Date Revealed

One Piece, Eiichiro Oda's worldwide famous creation is up and running with both its...
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Reveals Why Bakugo Chased İzuku İnto The Battle

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert From The Manga!!! Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is one of the...
Popular Villains

8 Anime Villains That Turned Out More Popular Than The Hero

Even though most of the times an anime hero is a fan-beloved character, there...
Best Fighting Anime

10 Best Fighting Anime Series Of All Time

Assuming an anime has insane fights and super general dangers, it presumably fits the...


Boruto Episode 226

Naruto: Sarada Just Got Promoted And Everyone Is Happy About It

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime's most recent episode has given Sarada Uchiha a significant...
One Piece Episode 1001

One Piece Astonishes Fans With Luffy’s Newest Gear Fourth Moment

One Piece anime's most recent episode has staggered fans with Luffy's large Gear Fourth...

Jujutsu Kaisen Just Revealed Higuruma’s Strongest Weapon

Gege Akutami's iconic Supernatural manga Jujutsu Kaisen released Hiromi Higuruma's most grounded weapon yet...
Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc Anime

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc Anime’s Trailer & Key Visual To Be Released On...

Bleach anime's official website has just announced that the up and coming Bleach Thousand-Year...
Hunter x Hunter Anime

Hunter x Hunter Franchise To Collaborate With Universal Studios Japan

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most famous manga and anime series of...
One Piece Anime

One Piece Anime’s New Opening Theme Song Artist Revealed

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced on their 52nd issue on Monday that the four-member musical...
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Dragon Ball Super Compares Vegeta and Granolah On A More Detailed Way

Dragon Ball Super recently has shown a lot further association among Vegeta and Granolah...
One Piece Chapter 1032

One Piece Just Unveiled Zoro’s Shocking Struggle

Eiichiro Oda's worldwide famous creation One Piece has uncovered an astonishing new battle for...