Yuri!!! on Ice: Ice Adolescence
Photo Credit: Studio MAPPA

Yuri!!! on Ice: Ice Adolescence anime film’s official website released the first teaser trailer for the up and coming anime film on Thursday.


The franchise’s official Twitter account likewise posted an English proclamation on the film’s advancement, which expresses the film creation is still ongoing with the aim of further enriching the film, and they also confirmed that they haven’t reach the stage where they can announce the release date.

The staff of the film includes:

  • Original Concept: Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto
  • Direction and Story: Sayo Yamamoto
  • Screenplay and Original Character Design: Mitsurou Kubo
  • Figure Skating Choreography: Kenji Miyamoto
  • Character Design: Tadashi Hiramatsu
  • Music: Taro Umebayashi, Taku Matsushiba
  • Music Producer: Keisuke Tominaga (PIANO)
  • Animation Production: MAPPA

Yuri!!! on IceIce Adolescence, was originally planned for release in 2019, but has been delayed to a later date

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