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TV AnimeYU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this worldvisual novel uncovered on Wednesday that the arrangement will get a totally new anime scene when the first Blu-ray Disk box set outperforms 1,000 pre-orders. The new scene will package with the third Blu-ray Disk box that will dispatch on December 26.

First Blu-ray Disk box set will incorporate the anime episodes 1 to 8 and ship on August 28. The set costs about ‘US$190‘, and the bundling will incorporate unique representations from staff individuals.

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Crunchyroll describes the YU-NO story:

Amid the mid-year, Takuya Arima gets a bundle—from his missing dad—enumerating the presence of parallel universes. He researches further and before long understands that he’s been given the way to cross-dimensional time travel. Presently, Takuya is compelled to utilize this newly discovered tech to unwind the puzzle of his dad’s whereabouts and discover why those nearest to him are keeping privileged insights.

Hirakawa said the anime incorporates indistinguishable characters and courses from the first game. Conversely, with the game’s first-individual viewpoint from hero Takuya’s perspective, the anime will portray the connections of the young ladies encompassing Takuya.

Funimation has licensed the 2019 anime series with a simuldub.