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Paramount, Toho, and Bad Robot’s upcoming surprisingly realistic film reconsidering of 2016’s hit Japanese anime movie Your Name has found its director in Lee Isaac Chung. Chung will coordinate from content by Emily V. Gordon, who did a renewed draft of the content initially composed by Eric Heisserer.

This most recent adaptation of Hollywood and Toho’s real Live-Action take on Your Name seems like it will be in much a similar vein as the prior form of the film. In mid-2019 it was declared that Amazing Spider-Man’s Marc Webb would coordinate Eric Heisserer’s content and that the story would rotate around “a young Native American lady living in a provincial territory and a child from Chicago who finds they are mysteriously and irregularly trading bodies.

Your Name Gets A New Director For The Live-Action Film
Photo Credit: CoMix Wave Films Story Inc

For examination, Deadline’s report on this most recent emphasis of the surprisingly realistic Your Name will recount to the narrative of, “two adolescents who find they are mysteriously and irregularly trading bodies. It’s the sort of sentimental phantom story with a science fiction turn that could make for a genuinely epic true to life film. While we don’t have a clue what occurred with Marc Webb in the director’s seat, anime fans will no uncertainty be glad to hear that a genuine Asian chief will be assuming control.

The original Your Name followed a city boy in Tokyo, Japan, and a girl from a rural town, who wake up one day to find they have swapped bodies. In trying to investigate the phenomenon, as well as identify the stranger whose body they each inhabit, the boy and girl follow clues that lead them toward one another’s lives. The twist in the film is that this meeting of souls is happening across time as well as space, and the boy soon discovers that the girl and her town were wiped out in a comet strike, three years prior. However, through body-switching ability, the boy is able to get a message to the girl and advert the disaster, changing history. The film ends with the two figures – who never successfully traded names during the film, despite several attempts – finally getting to truly meet one another.