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As of late, the director of Your Name and Weathering With You contacted fans via social media in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. It was there Shinkai said he’s been occupied with setting up his next anime and expressed gratitude toward fans for showing restraint toward him.

“I’m bit by bit gathering my new work while following the pace of the creation of Weathering With You three years back,” Shinkai uncovered. “I don’t have the mental ability to envision the story, the characters, and the visuals at the same time, so I’ve been dealing with it for a considerable length of time and months, attempting to develop it and separate it once more. It’s as of now early summer.”

Shinkai isn’t hoping to surge himself with regards to this most recent venture. Closely following two colossally fruitful movies, who knows the sort of weight Shinkai feels. He is taking on this new task comparatively to how he did Weathering With You; By separating the story into effectively absorbable, it turns out to be progressively sensible for Shinkai.

As of now, it appears as though Shinkai is as yet keeping take a shot at this new undertaking to himself, so it will, in any case, be for a little while before it heads into creation.

Source: Crunchyroll