Yashahime Episode 12
Photo: Sunrise

İnuyasha sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has been diving into the Fall 2020 anime season and with 11 episodes out, the series stays as one of the biggest hits.

The anime’s most recent episode went live earlier and it zeroed in on the triplet of demon hunters going head to head against an demonic pond and snake, yet a preview for the following episode has indicated us an altogether different adaptation of Towa that may have enormous repercussions for the arrangement. As Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha endeavor to earn enough to pay the bills by battling extraordinary dangers while attempting to find the Dream Butterfly that took Setsuna’s capacity to dream, the secrets of what befell their folks stay as the arrangement made by Rumiko Takahashi walks forward.

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The relationship of Towa and Setsuna is kinda interesting, the former was raised in the modern period thanks to the portal dropped her right before Kagome’s sibling, while the last strolled in the way of her dad Sesshomaru and her uncle Inuyasha in going through her days battling devils previously. With Moroha, the little girl of Inuyasha and Kagome, following along, the sequel series has been giving a valiant effort to satisfy the elevated requirement set by the first anime that has become a fan top choice among anime fans since appearing a very long time back.

Down on Twitter, a user named @Quennie93 shared a portion of the still pictures from the next episode’s preview that shows that Towa appears to have lost her devilish force, changing her hair from white to dark, which was a typical event that Inuyasha himself would experience in the main anime arrangement.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon anime debuted with its first episode on October 3.

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The anime stars include:

  • Sara Matsumoto voices Towa Higurashi who is one of Sesshomaru’s daughters and Setsuna’s twin
  • Sara Matsumoto voices Towa Higurashi who is one of Sesshomaru’s daughters and Setsuna’s twin
  • Azusa Tadokoro as Moroha who is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome

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The American manga publisher, anime distributor and entertainment company Viz Media has the options to the digital streaming, EST, and home video of the anime in North and Latin American domains.

Anime‘s staff includes:

  • Teruo Sato as the Director
  • Animation studio: Sunrise
  • Katsuyuki Sumisawa as the Script Supervisor
  • Takahashi is the Character Designer
  • Yoshihito Hishinuma adapts Designs For Animation
  • Kaoru Wada as the Music Composer

Viz Media portrays the new anime:

”In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi’s brother, Sota, and his family.

Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a Demon Slayer working for Kohaku. But to Towa’s shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister.

Joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, the three young women travel between the two eras on an adventure to regain their missing past.”

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