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Volume 1 of Saito Kenzi original – Abeno Chako painting “Witch Order 1” was released on March 9 today. Animate, gamers, samydod bookstore, Tomonohana, Melon Books, WonderGOO have purchasers offering benefits.

Witch order” is a fantasy work that depicts the witch, Suzakuin Seigi World Health Organization fights to save the world invaded from different dimensions. in order to gain the fighting power, Seigi contracts with a statue of a demon/anguish (Scream doll) which caused a catastrophe and sealed 100 years ago.

The sorrow of Scream doll World Health Organization sacrificed a lot of people 100 years ago without sacrificing a lot of people, Losing an important person but still Seiji’s determination to fight, Witches that chested in my mind without putting out in words the relationship between the two people sharing the heart of the heart is drawn in one volume. This work is serialized at the monthly Dragon Age (KADOKAWA).

In addition, the book of 20 volumes of “Trinity Seven 7 magical Writers” edited by Saito Arai, which is also based on Saito original, and spin-off of the same work by Mori MoriTrinity Seven Seven Days” was also released at the same time.