Who is Your Favorite Attack on Titan Character?

What happens when you think of the name Attack on Titan? Or when it pops out on a conversation? Maybe the amazing story that was written by Hajime Isayama, or the well-developed characters, the emotional scenes or the intense atmosphere at the series.

As mentioned up there the creator of Attack on Titan is Hajime Isayama, It is set in a dreamland where mankind lives inside regions encompassed by three colossal walls that shield them from enormous man-eating humanoids alluded to as Titans. The arrangement initially started in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine on September 9, 2009, and it has been gathered into 28 tankōbon volumes as of April 2019.

The anime TV adjustment, created by Wit Studio, has likewise been generally welcomed by commentators with the initial three seasons being met with basic recognition with applause for its story, action, music and voice acting, and has demonstrated to be amazingly fruitful in both Japan and the U.S., along these lines boosting the arrangement’s prevalence. Part 2 of season 3 of the series has ended and the fourth season was officially confirmed but there is no official release date for the series.

Well, we made a short poll asking about your favorite characters on Attack on Titan, you can join the poll by choosing your favorite character from the series below:

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Who is your favorite Attack on Titan character?

Thank you for joining the poll, the votes are going to be the proof for the most beloved character of the series.

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