What If Attack on Titan Was Animated By Studio Ghibli
Photo Credit: WIT Studio

Attack on Titan i is the legendary anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama‘s manga with the same name which is animated by Wit Studio and fans can’t even imagine another studio handling the perfect work Wit Studio did from season 1 to the last one that premiered. There is always a what-if question that pops into our mind and a fan artist did ask the question:  

“What if Attack On Titan was animated by Studio Ghibli?”

Down on Reddit, a fan artist shared this astonishing fan art that envisions what Eren Yeager in his Titan structure and Historia would look like on the off chance that they had been animated by the incredible Studio Ghibli.

Attack on Titan would not get along with Studio Ghibli and that’s why there is no chance of something like this happening while the majority of Ghibli’s yield has been life attesting, elevating stories that at last offer the appeal of both the mysterious and the unremarkable, Attack On Titan is out and out agnosticism.

Attack on Titan is an anime arrangement adjusted from the manga of a similar title by Hajime Isayama. It is set in reality as we know it where humankind lives inside urban areas encompassed by huge dividers because of the Titans, tremendous humanoid creatures who eat up people apparently without reason. The story pursues the undertakings of Eren Yeager, his received sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their companion Armin Arlert, whose lives are changed everlastingly after a Colossal Titan ruptures the mass of the place where they grew up. Vowing retribution and to recover the world from the Titans, Eren and his companions join the Scout Regiment, a first-class gathering of warriors who battle Titans.

You can as of now discover the arrangement streaming on CrunchyrollFunimation, and Saturday evenings on Adult Swim‘s Toonami square.

(c) Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” Production Committee