Photo Credit: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia released two new episodes for fans to look at finally. The OVA remarkable promised to give fans enough substance to hold them over until season five is prepared, and you can watch the two-section experience now in case you’re prepared!

My Hero Academia reported its expectation to post two new scenes for fans prior this month. After the OVA went live on Hulu in Japan, two of America’s greatest anime distributors took a few to get back some composure on the special.

You can check out the two-part over on Crunchyroll here or on Funimation here.

Watch Now The My Hero Academia Two New Special OVA Episodes
Photo Credit: Studio Bones

Synopsys for the 2 new special OVA episodes translated by Aitaikimochi: “Right before the Provisional License Exam, the U.S. Academy Class A students re split into two teams where they have to undergo disaster training. The operation is to rescue dolls, posing as civilians, who have been trapped in a large underground mall that is on fire. Team A, consisting of 10 members including Deku, split up to search for survivors, but in the midst of the rescue, the establishment starts crumbling down and traps the students underground.

They face dangers of the structure further collapsing, with no electricity running through and their oxygen running then, and some students are suffering from inures too. With no time to lose, Deku and the others must combine their powers and regroup with each other so they can escape from this underground mess. Can they survive this and come out safely!?”