Violet Evergarden Gaiden Side Story Film Will Release in Japanese Theaters on September 6
Photo Credit: "Kyoto Animation"

Violet Evergarden Gaiden animes official Twitter account declared on Saturday that Violet Evergarden: Gaiden, a side story to the anime, will keep on opening in Japanese performance centers as anticipated September 6.

The side story anime’s authentic site with a visual likewise opened on Saturday, and reported that Minori Chihara will play out the anime’s signature melody “Amy.”

Haruka Fujita is the anime director of the movie, and Kyoto Animation is additionally taking a shot at a film venture for Violet Evergarden that was recently reported with a January 10, 2020 opening in Japan.

Anime film will likewise hold its reality debut as arranged at the AnimagiC show in Mannheim, Germany, which keeps running on August 3 and 4. The AnimagiC coordinators said that the screening will proceed “at the express solicitation of the studio.”