Photo Credit: Shogakukan

Versailles of the Dead mangas 23rd chapter has been published by Shogakukan’s Manga ONE app. The chapter is the main new portion of the manga since the 22nd part in September 2018. The second piece of the 23rd chapter will make a big appearance on October 5. Although the section on October 5 will likewise begin the “second part” of the general manga.

Versailles of the Dead is a Japanese manga arrangement composed and illustrated by Kumiko Suekane“, serialized in “Shōgakukan’s Hibana” from 2016 to 2017, and in Ura Sunday since 2018. It has been gathered in two tankōbon volumes as of January 2018.

Versailles of the Dead Manga Continues Publishing After 1-Year Break
Photo Credit: Shogakukan

The story has been described:

While on the way from Austria to marry Louis, Dauphin of France, Archduchess Marie Antoinette’s carriage is blocked by murderous zombies. The sole overcomer of the assault is Marie Antoinette’s twin sibling, Albert. He sets out toward Versailles in his sister’s outfit and as opposed to proceeding with life as himself, chooses to assume his dead sister’s position. Presently at the core of the French regal court, Albert must face the undead abhorrences as the man who some time or another would-be ruler. Nonetheless, individuals from the house are thinking about whether Albert is fit to lead, yet more significantly, are suspecting he murdered his own sister in desire“.