Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Anime
Photo: CygamesPictures

Uma Musume Pretty Derby franchise unveiled that the anime is getting a 3rd season with Studio KAI as producer.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby anime also unveiled a key visual for the upcoming 3rd season.

Photo: CygamesPictures

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multi media establishment made by Cygames. A game adaptation for iOS and Android was booked to make a big appearance in late 2018 and afterward deferred to February 2021. A 13-episode anime TV series variation by P.A. Works circulated from April to June 2018, trailed by a second season by Studio Kai which broadcasted from January to March 2021. An anime TV series transformation of the side project manga Umayon broadcasted from July to September 2020. A short web anime named Umayuru debuted in October 2022.

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