Twittering Birds Never Fly
Photo Credit: GRİZZLY

The boys-love manga Twittering Birds Never Fly‘s creator uncovered in an article in the current year’s July issue of Kadokawa Media Factory’s book and manga news magazine Da Vinci on Friday that she is wanting to end her manga in 2 or 3 volumes.

Twittering Birds Never Fly is a Japanese yaoi manga arrangement composed and delineated by Kou Yoneda. A continuation of Yoneda’s past one shot stories Don’t Stay Gold and Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo Sezu, it has been serialized in the manga magazines HertZ and ihr HertZ since March 2008.

The manga was adjusted into an anime film set of three created by Blue Lynx and energized by Grizzly start in 2020.

Digital Manga Publishing has the manga licensed, and it portrays the story:

”The masochistic yakuza boss, Yashiro, isn’t the type to warm up to others easily. But when Chikara Doumeki, his newly hired bodyguard, catches his interest, he reconsiders his “hands-off” policy with subordinates. As Yashiro’s invitations fail, the yakuza boss finds out his bodyguard has a very personal reason for staying at arm’s length.”