Tsugumomo Season 2 Anime's Theme Song Artists Revealed
Photo Credit: Studio Zero-G

Tsugumomo is a Japanese manga arrangement composed and outlined by Yoshikazu Hamada, which began in 2007. Two volumes of the arrangement were distributed in English by the now-ancient JManga administration between August 2011 and March 2012.

Tsugumomo TV anime’s official website uncovered the signature melody specialists for Tsugu Tsugumomo, the arrangement’s subsequent season.

  • AŌP will play out the anime’s opening theme song “Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni” (When the Wind Blows, It Reaches the End of the Moonlit Night)
  • Haruka Tōjō will play out the anime’s ending theme song “Haru, Kanade” (Play in Spring)

The 12-episode first season premiered in April 2017, and “Crunchyroll” streamed the series as it aired.

Crunchyroll describes the story as “One day Kagami Kazuya, a completely ordinary boy, suddenly encounters Kiriha, a beautiful girl in a kimono. Even though Kazuya has no recollection of meeting her before, Kiriha calls out “Long time no see” to him. It turns out Kiriha is actually a tsukumogami whose true identity is the precious obi Kazuya carries around that used to belong to his late mother. All kinds of bizarre phenomena unfold around the sadistic beauty Kiriha in this supernatural action-comedy!”