The animated transformation of SIU’s Webtoon has gotten massively well known with fans everywhere in the world. The Tower of God has delighted in a reasonable piece of attention this year, and we have the name to thank for that.

Thanks to an update from SIU himself, fans know there is at any rate one rebound on its way. the Webtoon is prepared to kick back up creation. SIU presented a message on fans on his own blog this week, and it affirmed the creator was prepared to begin drawing again.

The Tower of God is currently the middle. Of drafting a manuscript. I am working hard to bring back the series in Mid-November. I will post an official date soon.

This announcement has stirred up the being a fan as it has been some time since SIU gave a brief on the Webtoon. The artist has been on a break starting late for personal reasons. Concerning the eventual fate of the anime, the Tower of God has kept its mouth shut firmly. No word has been allowed on the following second season, yet Crunchyroll and Webtoon are as yet circulating the shows that were reported close by the Tower of God.

Tower of God is a webtoon composed and drawn by Lee Jong-hui additionally known by the nom de plume SIU launched the manhwa (comics) on NAVER WEBTOON in 2010. WEBTOONS launched the manhwa in English in July 2014.

Source: SİU’s Personal Blog