Tragic Anime Characters

14 Anime Protagonists With Dark And Tragic Backstories

There are many anime heroes with background that makes the story more captivating, and here are some of them that fill in the list perfectly. Guts - "Berserk" Guts is a...
Married Anime Protagonists

Top 10 Strongest Shonen Protagonists That Are Married

There are many Shonen anime characters that throughout their journey they end up being married, and some even become parents. As we made a lost of some of the...
Most Anticipated Anime Of 2023 - 2024

Top 25 Most Anticipated Anime Series/Films of 2023-2024

We have just started the new year, and many new anime series premiered as a part of Winter 2023 and some of the series like My Hero Academia season...
Fall 2022 Anime Season

Fall 2022 Anime Season’s Most Anticipated Anime Series

Fall 2022 anime season is on the way, and there many great anime series to anticipate. As we made a list of some of the most anticipated anime series...
Highest-Grossing Anime Film

15 Highest-Grossing Anime Films Of All Time

The last few decades have introduced us with many astounding anime series that manage to conquer fans' hearts in just a short period of time, and besides anime series...
Top Shounen Anime

Top Shounen Anime to Watch on Netflix

Over the last couple of years, anime has gotten a lot more popular, particularly the Shounen genre. The audience is always looking for avenues to watch the best Shounen...
5 Ordinary That Are Successful

5 Ordinary Anime That Turn Out Surprisingly Successful

Some anime that are considered ordinarily manage to turn out really successful, and it's fascinating. It's almost difficult to watch an anime without discovering some kind of platitude in it....
Mediocre Anime

6 Mediocre Anime With The Greatest Protagonist

Some anime series are really low quality, starting with both plot, animation and many more other factors, however some of the anime series referred to have the greatest protagonists. Since...
6 Most-Responsible Anime Protagonists

6 Most-Responsible Anime Protagonists That Make The Story Captivating

An anime is really different from other regular anime series when a protagonist is a responsible character. A responsible character doesn't need for something to occur, they are the ones...
Anime Villains With Something To Prove

6 Anime Villains With Something To Prove

In some anime, a villain is someone who is pure evil with nothing to show or prove, however there are some villains that are more complicated and have something...
Anime Villains That Never Got What They Deserved

6 Anime Villains That Never Got What They Deserved

In an ordinary anime a villain without any doubt gets what he/she deserves, in time or late, yet now and again there are some villains that do unpleasant things...
Anime Characters With Bad Luck

6 Anime Characters That Have Bad Luck

There are some anime characters that were introduced the latest few decades who actually are lucky and have won their battles thanks to it, and some of the anime...
Most-Engaging Anime

6 Most-Engaging Anime Of All Time

The latest few decades has introduced us with many successful anime, however there are some anime series that stay above all with the perfect script, exceptional writing. As anime habitually...
Best Anime Couples

6 Greatest Anime Couples Of All Time

The anime medium has brought us many different genres, and in all introduced genres we might have noticed some great couples. Some of the greatest anime couples are worth...
Most Violent Heroes In Anime

7 Most-Violent Anime Heroes Of All Time

Some anime heroes have got violence inside them, and some of them have backstories that pushed them to use it as some reaction. Numerous heroes in anime will not kill...
8 Smartest Anime Characters

8 Smartest Anime Characters of All Time

Not every anime has a protagonist that is extraordinary smart, however in some anime a protagonist stuns everyone with his/her intelligence. As we made a list of some of...
Badass Anime Characters

6 Anime Character Presentations That Were So Badass and Captivating

Over the last few decades, the anime has introduced us with many badass characters and some of them has had some badass presentation scenes as well, which were really...
Side Character Smarter Than The Hero

6 Excellent Side Characters Who Are Smarter Than The Hero in Anime

In many anime series a protagonist is the smartest, most excellent character, however in some of the anime series a side character might surpass the protagonist with their intelligence. ALSO...
Greatest Anime Duos

6 Greatest Shonen Anime Duos Of All Time

Most of the time in a shonen anime heroes is closely tied with their favorite companions, however a few associations between two characters are above all others. Undoubtedly friendship is...
Anime Heroes That Fight Dirty

6 Anime Heroes That Fight Dirty

The anime medium is filled with heroes that always fight honorably with no dirty tricks, however there are some heroes who don't care at all and fight dirty. As MangaThrill...
Anime Villains Not To Provoke

6 Anime Villains Who Only Act When They’re Provoked

In the anime medium, there are villains that are pure evil and do whatever they please, and some of the anime villains at the moment when they get provoked,...
Anime With Best Animation

6 Anime Series With Stunning Animation That Fascinate Everyone

The quality of the animation is one of the main factors of an anime, and there are some anime series with astounding animation which is always remembered and will...
Greatest Anime Villains

7 Great Anime With Really Appealing Villains

The anime medium has a lot of villains that stay are really charismatic, with a well-established background, perfect design and many more other factors. There are numerous anime villains are...
Well-Established Protagonists

6 Great Anime With Perfectly Established Protagonists

In the anime medium, a well-established protagonist can undoubtedly improve a story multiple times which is fascinating and that's why we love the heroes referred to. Anime is the perfect...
Anime Villains Who Are Misunderstood

7 Anime Villains Who Are Totally Misunderstood

In the anime medium, there are some villains who only do evil because they actually are evil, and there are some villains that are really misunderstood. Even though there are...
Greatest Anime Villains

6 Greatest Anime Villains Who Changed Sides

What an anime fans love is seeing an anime villain change his/her side, and we were used to this happen over the course of the last few decades. In the...
7 Perfect Anime

7 Anime To Watch If You Are Into Shonen Genre With Mixed Emotions, Action,...

The Shonen genre is one of the most famous genre in anime. The class has a lot of iconic anime series under its belt, starting with anime like Dragon...
6 Old Anime

6 Anime That Ended Their TV Run And They Are Still Watchable

In course of the few last decades the anime has taken over the medium, thanks to their art, animation, characters and plot. Some anime may get forgotten after their...
Best Deuteragonists In Anime

3 Best Deuteragonists In Anime

In the anime medium, a protagonist is the major character where the story spins around, however in a few anime series a deuteragonist is as major character as well. In...
Best Female Assassins In Anime

4 Best Anime With Female Assassins

The anime medium over the past few decades has shown us many female assassins, and some of them even became fan-favorite characters. Here are some of the best female...
Most Anticipated Anime of 2022

Most Anticipated 8 Anime Series & Movies In 2022

The year 2021 has offered us many great anime series/films and this doesn't mean 2022 has nothing to bring to the table. ALSO READ: 8 Anime Villains That Turned Out...
Must Watch Anime In 2022

The Most Anticipated Anime Of 2022

The year 2021 has brought to us many anime series that managed to conquer our hearts with the story, animation, characters and many other factors. Well, the year 2022...
8 Incompetent Anime Characters

8 Incompetent Anime Protagonists Fans Find Themselves Support In Every Situation

These anime characters, in spite of losing over and over again they never surrender and they have a great heart. Also, that is the reason we love them so. Heroes...
Popular Villains

8 Anime Villains That Turned Out More Popular Than The Hero

Even though most of the times an anime hero is a fan-beloved character, there are some villains who are loved by fans for their special story arcs considerably more...
Best Fighting Anime

10 Best Fighting Anime Series Of All Time

Assuming an anime has insane fights and super general dangers, it presumably fits the depiction of a stunning fighting anime. From that point onward, fighting anime has developed into its...
8 Greatest Anime Couples

8 Greatest Anime Couples From 2020

The year 2020 has introduced us with many anime series where fans got the chance to see series like Fruits Basket get into hazier substance and some healthy romantic...
8 Anime Characters With The Worst Plot

8 Anime Characters That Have The Worst Plot Armor

While investigating the circumstance encompassing their risk, anime watchers can recognize the individuals who ought to have passed on well before their excursion's ending. A plot armor has been most...
12 Best Detective Anime

12 Best Detective Anime Series Of All Time

Just like many other anime genres, a detective anime is a popular one amongst others as well with a worldwide huge fan-base. There's an enchanting thing about an old fashioned...
9 Anime Geniuses

9 Anime Series Where The Main Character Usually Outsmarts Everyone

Even though there are anime heroes who decide to win their fights with their fists and superhuman abilities, these 10 characters depend on their splendor. Anime series/films that contain intelligent...
11 Best Shonen Anime

11 Shonen Anime Series You Must Watch If You Love Naruto

Well, one great thing the anime world has that there's no deficiency of activity shonen arrangement out on the planet, a considerable lot of which as long-running as Naruto...