Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: WIT Studio - Studio Bones

When it comes to anime, the main characters are mostly fans’ favorite ones, not only because they are strong, or funny but, also because they are charming they have managed to gain fans’ love and support on the character.

We made a list of some of the most charming anime male characters, you can take a look from below:

8. Izuku Midoriya (Height 166 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: Studio Bones

Izuku Midoriya, otherwise called Deku and is extremely short for his age however he is the primary hero of My Hero Academia.

conceived without a Quirk, Izuku figures out how to grab the eye of the amazing legend All Might because of his natural valor and has since turned into his nearby understudy just as an understudy in Class 1-An at U.A. Secondary School. All Might passed on his Quirk to Izuku, making him the ninth holder of One For All.

7. Naruto Uzumaki (Height 166 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot

Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki team. He turned into the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails upon the arrival of his introduction to the world — a destiny that made him be disregarded by a large portion of Konoha all through his adolescence. In the wake of joining Team Kakashi, Naruto endeavored to pick up the town’s affirmation at the same time pursuing his fantasy to progress toward becoming Hokage. In the next years, through numerous hardships and trials, he turned into a fit ninja viewed as a saint both by the locals and before long, the remainder of the world, getting to be known as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. He before long demonstrated to be one of the primary factors in winning the Fourth Shinobi World War, driving him to accomplish his fantasy and become the town’s Seventh Hokage.

6. Vegeta (Height 164 cm)

Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Vegeta, recognized as Prince Vegeta is the ruler of the fallen Saiyan race and one of the significant characters of the Dragon Ball arrangement. Vegeta is a thin yet well-constructed man of underneath normal stature. His hair is dark spiky and it immovably stands upwards and has a conspicuous widow’s pinnacle. Like most Saiyans, he has characterized eyes with a close reliably stern look to them and his hair is a shade of dark.

Through the span of the arrangement, Vegeta’s physical appearance changes. While initially showing up short and lean.

5. Levi Ackerman (Height 160 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: WIT Studio

Levi Ackerman, regularly officially alluded to as Captain Levi, is the squad commander. “Leader of the soldiers” inside the Survey Corps, and is broadly known as humankind’s strongest warrior.

Levi has short, straight dark hair styled in an undercut, just as limited, threatening dull dim eyes with dark circles under them and a misleadingly energetic face. He is very short, however, his build is well-created in musculature from broad vertical moving gear utilization. He is typically either glaring or vacuous; that, in addition to his amazingly quiet mien, regularly makes it hard for others to think about what he is thinking.

Because of his initial childhood years, Levi is depicted as a “Clean Freak” by the individuals who know him by and by as he leans towards his condition and himself to be flawlessly spotless.

4. Asta (Height 155 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: Studio Xebec

Asta is a vagrant left under the consideration of a congregation in the town of Hage. He is the wielder of a five-leaf clover grimoire and is a third Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull and Royal Knights squads.

Asta a youngster of short stature with an extraordinarily solid form. He has green eyes and untidy, slag fair hair with a solitary strand projecting upwards from the focal point of his head. He keeps his hair together with a dark headband, which has the gold-hued Black Bull emblem and has a red-hued four-sided star with three joins on the back of it.

3. Gon Freecss (Height 154 cm)

Photo Credit: Nippon Animation

Gon Freecss is a Rookie Hunter and the child of Ging Freecss. Discovering his dad is Gon’s inspiration in turning into a Hunter.

Gon is an athletic, rural, and cordial kid who is looking for experience. Additionally, he isn’t generally excellent at math. Notwithstanding, having invested a great deal of energy in the forested areas as a youngster, he is excellent with creatures. Gon is an Enhancer, who are known for being stupid and decided. This assurance and ability lead to both potential partners and potential foes confiding in him and agreeing with his stance. He has barbaric faculties; Gon has an uplifted feeling of smell practically like a dog’s, he likewise has generally excellent vision, just as having a sharp taste. Gon needs to turn into a Hunter since he wishes to discover the profundities of an occupation that would make a dad pick the calling over being with his very own child.

2. Meliodas (Height 152 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: A-1 Pictures

Meliodas is the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and skipper of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the main hero of the arrangement and was the proprietor of the eminent bar Boar Hat. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his innate power is Full Counter. He was likewise the leader of the Ten Commandments.

In spite of resembling a tyke, Meliodas is, in reality, a lot more established, being more than 3,000 years of age. He is astoundingly short contrasted with different characters, with chaotic light hair and a couple of emerald eyes. He additionally needs facial hair, further emphasizing his immature appearance. Notwithstanding his stature and energetic looks, he is moderately solid, having a variety of well-created stomach muscles.

1. Edward Elric (Height 149 cm)

Top 8 Short and Charming Anime Characters
Photo Credit: Studio Bones

Edward Elric additionally is known as Ed or the Fullmetal Alchemist is the main hero of the Fullmetal Alchemist arrangement.

Edward is little to short for his age, remaining at just 149 cm toward the start of the arrangement, in spite of his endeavors to seem taller, because of the documentation that he can’t stand standard milk. He wears his brilliant light hair long – generally tied in a twist that hangs down to his shoulders, however now and again swearing off the mesh for an easier braid.