Top 12 Best Anime Series With Only One Season
Photo: Kyoto Animation, MADHOUSE

Many anime series after have a lot of material to take on and that takes more than one anime seasons, however there are a few of them that are doing just great with a single season.

As much as we love anime and fear the inescapable finish of our favorite series, it can regularly be elusive the time, or want, to focus on arrangement that contain more than 100 episodes, not to mention those famous anime that just never appear to end.

We made a list of anime series who had only one season so far, check them out below:

No Game, No Life

Photo: Madhouse

No Game, No Life anime is focused on the step-siblings Sora and Shiro who are referred to in the internet gaming world as Blank, an undefeated gathering of gamers. At some point, they are tested to a round of chess by Tet, a god from another reality. The two are successful and are offered to experience a daily reality such that revolves around games. They acknowledge, trusting it to be a joke, and are brought to a reality known as Disboard. There, a spell known as the Ten Pledges forestalls the residents of Disboard from causing hurt on each other, compelling them to determine their disparities by betting with games whose rules and rewards are mysteriously authorized.

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The series contains 12 episodes and its with no doubt worth watching.

A Place Further than the Universe

Photo: Madhouse

A Place Further than the Universe is another anime produced by studio Madhouse that starts with an entertaining and eye catching reason, which is about four secondary school young ladies who endeavor to fit the bill for an excursion to Antarctica.

Mari Tamaki is a second-year high school student who needs to make the most out of her childhood however is generally too reluctant to even consider doing so. At some point, she meets Shirase Kobuchizawa, a young lady who has been setting aside to make a trip to Antarctica, where her mom vanished three years back. Joined by two different young ladies, Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shiraishi, they join a campaign headed towards the Antarctic.

Terror in Resonance

Photo: MAPPA

Terror in Resonance is a studio MAPPA production anime series which is also known with the name Terror in Tokyo. The series debuted with 11 episodes from July 10, 2014 to September 25, 2014.

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Terror in Resonance is set in emphasis of the present, two high school young men who pass by the names Nine and Twelve take a prototype atomic bomb in a clear terror attack. Calling themselves “Sphinx”, they transfer a video onto the Internet and take steps to demolish Tokyo city except if a secretive puzzle can be unraveled. They are overcomers of a mystery try by the Rising Peace Academy to create stranded kids with Savant disorder into human weapons. They get to know Lisa, a desolate student, who gets made up for lost time in their arrangements to uncover the evil exercises of the association.


Photo: A-1 Pictures

The story of the Erased anime follows Satoru Fujinuma, a youngster living in Chiba who by one way or another has a capacity known as Revival, which sends him back in time minutes before a perilous episode, empowering him to keep it from happening once more. At the point when his mom is killed by an obscure attacker in his own house, Satoru’s capacity out of nowhere sends him back eighteen years into the past.

Presently an elementary schooler in Hokkaido once more, Satoru is allowed the chance to spare his mom as well as forestall a capturing episode that ended the lives of three of his beloved companions who are two colleagues and one little youngster learning at an alternate school close by.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Photo: Sanzigen

The series is set in 2056, where the series main protagonist Gunzō Chihaya, who is a former student of the Japanese National Marine Academy, is the chief of a little gathering of pirates called the ‘Blue Steel’. The Blue Steel are notorious for having a Fog submarine, the I-401, alongside its Mental Model Iona, who surrendered to the human side. Because of I-401’s innovation and Gunzō’s strategic aptitudes, the Blue Steel have not just endure a few experiences with the Fleet of Fog yet figured out how to sink one of their most remarkable warships.

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Gunzō and his group are recruited by a group of the Japanese government to convey the model of the vibration warhead, a ground-breaking weapon that may at last permit humanity to retaliate against the Fog, to the United States. The United States is the main nation with the assets and ability to mass-produce the weapon framework. In any case, the Blue Steel will confront deterrents on their excursion not just from the Fleet of Fog and their human partners, yet from different governments and groups with their own plans. En route they will likewise pick up partners of their own from the two sides, expanding their odds against apparently overpowering chances.

Yuri on Ice

Photo: MAPPA

In the event that you ponder figure skating might be borin, reconsider. Yuri! On Ice merits all the recognition it got, if just for its staggering animation, plan, and soundtrack. Notwithstanding there just be one season this anime is certainly worth a watch.

The characters are stunning, so that is another motivation to start with this studio MAPPA production anime.

Violet Evergarden

Photo: Kyoto Animation

Violet Evergarden is a coming of age anime with a story that rotates around Auto Memory Dolls, who individuals at first utilized by a researcher named Dr. Orland to help his visually impaired spouse Mollie recorded as a hard copy her books, and later employed by others who required their administrations.

In the present time, the term alludes to the business of composing for other people. The story follows Violet Evergarden’s excursion of reintegrating once again into society after the war is finished and her quest for her life’s motivation since she is not, at this point a fighter to comprehend the final words her tutor and gatekeeper, Major Gilbert, had actually told her: “I love you.”

Angel Beats!

Photo: P.A. Works

Angel Beats! anime is set in the climate of a high school in the hereafter, a sort of limbo where individuals have encountered injury or difficulties throughout everyday life and must defeat them prior to passing on and being resurrected. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a kid with amnesia who winds up in existence in the wake of death. He meets Yuri Nakamura, a young lady who welcomes him to join the Afterlife Battlefront, or SSS, an association she established and drives which defies an inconspicuous God for their unjustifiable conditions throughout everyday life. Their enemy is actually an Angel, the student council president, who has heavenly powers and is accepted to be God’s partner. Subsequent to joining the SSS, Otonashi meets others individuals, including Hideki Hinata, the fellow benefactor; Masami Iwasawa, the lead performer of a four-young lady musical gang, Girls Dead Monster ; and Yui, an underclassman and fan of GDM.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Photo: Signal.MD

Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old fruitful profession lady who chooses to stop her burdening corporate work and become a tip top NEET and locate an all the more satisfying life. She joins an online MMORPG Fruits de Mer and makes a male character named Hayashi as her avatar. In the game, Hayashi meets another character Lily, an elevated level player who causes him become familiar with the game. Hayashi and Lily turns out to be dear companions and he joins her organization, @HomeParty. Then, in reality, Moriko gets an opportunity experience with an attractive tip top organization representative, Yuta Sakurai, who may have attaches with her online life.

Samurai Champloo

Photo: Manglobe

Samurai Champloo is one of the most famous anime series of all time, which with only 26 episodes managed to become a fan-favorite.

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A little young lady named Fuu is functioning as a waitress in a coffee bar when she is mishandled by a band of samurai. She is saved by a secretive rebel named Mugen and a youthful rōnin named Jin. Mugen assaults Jin after he ends up being a commendable rival. The pair start battling each other and incidentally cause the demise of Shibui Tomonoshina, the justice’s child. For this wrongdoing, they are to be executed. With assistance from Fuu, they can get away from execution. Consequently, Fuu requests that they go with her to discover “the samurai who smells of sunflowers”.

Cowboy Bebop

Photo: Sunrise

Cowboy Bebop is an anime series produced by the same director who led the Samurai Champloo anime. The series debuted from April 3 until June 26, 1998 with its 26 episodes and managed to become a top-notch series.

The anime is set in the year 2071, and follow the lives of an bounty hunters team going in their spaceship called the Bebop. Despite the fact that it covers a wide scope of classes all through its run, Cowboy Bebop draws most vigorously from sci-fi, western and noir movies, and its most repeating topical central focuses incorporate grown-up existential boredom, forlornness and the challenges of attempting to get away from before.

The first group are Spike Spiegel, a banished previous hired gunman of the criminal Red Dragon Syndicate, and Jet Black, a previous ISSP official. They are later joined by Faye Valentine, an amnesiac swindler, Edward Wong, an erratic young lady talented in hacking, and Ein, a hereditarily designed Pembroke Welsh Corgi with human-like insight. Throughout the span of the arrangement, the group engage in appalling incidents leaving them without cash, while frequently facing appearances and occasions from their past: these incorporate Jet’s explanations behind leaving the ISSP, and Faye’s past as a young lady from Earth harmed in a mishap and cryogenically stuck to spare her life.

The primary story arc centers around Spike and his dangerous competition with Vicious, a driven criminal subsidiary with the Red Dragon Syndicate. Spike and Vicious were once accomplices and companions, yet when Spike started an issue with Vicious’ sweetheart Julia and set out to leave the Syndicate with her, Vicious looked to take out Spike by extorting Julia into executing him. Julia seeks total isolation to ensure herself and Spike fakes his passing to get away from the Syndicate. In the present, Julia emerges from covering up and reunites with Spike, planning to finish their arrangement.

Death Note

Photo: Madhouse

Death Note is one of the iconic Shonen anime series produced by studio Madhouse, that debuted with 37 episodes from October 3, 2006 to June 26, 2007.

The story follows Light Yagami, a young genius who unearths a puzzling powerful note book called Death Note, which had a place with the Shinigami Ryuk and awards the client the extraordinary capacity to execute anybody whose name is written in its pages. The arrangement bases on Light’s ensuing endeavors to utilize the Death Note to complete an overall massacre of people whom he considers ethically shameful of life to change the world into an idealistic culture without wrongdoing, utilizing the nom de plume of a divine resembling vigilante named “Kira” and the resulting endeavors of a tip top team of cops, comprising of individuals from the Japanese police power, driven by L, a cryptic global detective whose past is covered in secret, to capture him and end his rule of fear.

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