Top 10 Anime Opening Theme Songs Of All Time
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The main contents of an anime series are the story, characters, animation, and the opening and ending themes of course.

The opening establishes the pace, gives the vibe, and brings the watchers into what they are getting into. This rundown we made shows at the best anime openings ever throughout the years. Some anime have numerous opening topics all through their shows yet this rundown will just incorporate one section for every arrangement.

You can check our best picks below:

10. Anime: Code Geass – Song: Colors, Performed by FLOW

Top 10 Anime Opening Theme Songs Of All Time
Photo Credit: Studio Sunrise

Flow is a Japanese musical band, framed in 1998 and marked to Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Music name and spoke to by the ability office Amuse. Flow is a five-piece band made up of two vocalists, a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist.

Flow is known for opening themes in arrangement, for example, Naruto, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Durarara!! and yeah, Code GeassColors theme. Colors is FLOW’s eleventh single. The A-Side was utilized as the main opening theme song for Code Geass. It came to #2 on the Oricon graphs in its first week and diagrammed for about four months.

Colors is the opening for the initial 12 episodes of the first season of Code Geass anime

The main opening of Code Geass, Colors draws from subjects of how individuals can change for better and for most noticeably awful. That we should all believe in ourselves even in the darkest occasions. This is fitting a result of the harsh occasions Lelouch experiences in the arrangement.

9. Anime: My Hero Academia – Song: The Day, Performed By Porno Graffitti

Top 10 Anime Opening Theme Songs Of All Time
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Porno Graffitti, otherwise called Porno, are a Japanese musical band from Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The band got their name from the collection Pornograffitti by the band Extreme. They right now record under the SME Records name, and their organization is Amuse, Inc..

My Hero Academia anime has generally excellent opening themes all through its seasons that fans love and The Day, the is the very first and the only opening theme song My Hero Academia season one.

On an adventure to turn into the main saint, the tune gives the feeling that Izuku must give it everything he has. That he trusts that one day will genuinely be the day. The video bundle shows an aggregation of Deku’s preparation as the solid vivacious kid offers everything to resemble All Might.

8. Anime: Digimon – Song: Butter-Fly, Performed By Kōji Wada

Top 10 Anime Opening Theme Songs Of All Time
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Kōji Wada was a Japanese pop vocalist. He was best known for performing signature tunes for a few portions of the Digimon anime TV arrangement, incorporating his chronicle debut in 1999 with his first and most renowned single, “Butter-Fly“, the theme song of the anime Digimon Adventure.

Butter-Fly was executed as the ending theme song to the 1999 film Digimon Adventure and later turned into the opening signature melody to the TV anime arrangement of the same name.

Butter-Fly positioned #5 on NHK’s list of Top 100 Best Anime Songs in year 2017.

7. Anime: Dragon Ball Z – Song: Cha-La Head-Cha-La, Performed By Hironobu Kageyama

Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Cha-La Head-Cha-La is the first opening theme song of the Dragon Ball Z anime arrangement and the fifteenth single by Japanese artist Hironobu Kageyama. It was discharged on vinyl, tape, and smaller than normal CD on May 1, 1989. It is combined with the first Dragon Ball Z ending themeDetekoi Tobikiri Zenkai Power! performed by Manna.

The song opened for the initial 199 episodes of the TV arrangement and the initial nine movies of the film arrangement. It has been re-recorded in numerous different dialects with an English variant performed by Kageyama himself that was discharged on his third most prominent hits collection entitled Mixture in 1996. Kageyama believes the melody to be his best work as individuals are constantly glad when he sings it.

6. Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Song: Again, Performed By Yui

Photo Credit: Studio Bones

Yui, adapted as YUI or yui, is a Japanese artist musician, multi-instrumentalist, and on-screen character.

Again is Japanese pop shake vocalist lyricist Yui’s thirteenth single, and first single after she went on rest in November 2008. “Once more” was discharged on June 3, 2009 by her mark Studioseven Recordings and was discharged in two organizations: CD and CD+DVD.

Again is the first opening for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The opening theme takes the point of view of Edward Elric and the exercises he should learn en route of recouping his sibling and his bodies.

Again is the opening for the initial 14 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

The melody presents subjects of there being more to life than what is seen by the eye.

5. Anime: One-Punch Man – Song: The Hero, Performed By JAM Project

Photo Credit: Studio Madhouse

JAM Project are a Japanese Anison band established on July 19, 2000 by well known 1970s theme song artist Ichirou Mizuki. JAM Project is particularly notable for their commitments of theme songs for Super Robot Wars, Garo, and One Punch Man.

At the point when The Hero was played during One Punch Man‘s discharge throughout the fall 2015 season, it surprised the web. The famous One Punch!” verse to open the tune conquered the hearts of fans. It is the opening theme song for Season 1 of the One-Punch Man anime adaptation.

4. Anime: Pokemon – Song: POKEMON THEME, Performed By Jason Paige

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Jason Paige is an American artist, essayist, record maker, and entertainer. Paige is best known for singing the first opening theme song Pokemon Theme for the English form of the Pokémon TV arrangement.

It was the signature melody for the fist season of the English adjustment of the Pokémon anime. Since its discharge, the melody has been for all intents and purposes synonymous with the Pokémon establishment in light of the fact that the line “Gotta Catch Them All” has turned into its official English slogan.

The first Pokémon Theme is the main opening for the first season of Pokémon running for 80 episodes.

The tune rotates around Ash‘s adventure as he needs to turn into a Pokémon ace. To do so he should win fights, meet new companions, and catch them all. As the tune states, it is his destiny.

3. Anime: Death Note – Song: World, Performed By Nightmare

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Nightmare was a Japanese visual kei musical crew from Sendai. Framed on January 1, 2000, it has comprised of Yomi, Sakito, Hitsugi, Ni~ya and Ruka for most of their profession. They delighted in standard accomplishment with the consideration of their tunes “The World” and “Alumina” in the Death Note anime and are viewed as a significant demonstration in the visual kei scene.

Demise Note’s two opening topics flash contentions on which is better for the show. Two distinct styles and two unique sounds, however The WORLD is the thing that makes this rundown.

The World is the primary opening in Death Note anime and keeps running for the initial 19 episodes.

The World discusses a universe of shrewdness and murkiness. This alludes to the new world that Light is making in spite of him thinking what he is doing to make him bad.

2. Anime: Tokyo Ghoul – Song: Unravel, Performed By TK

Toru Kitajima, otherwise called TK, is an artist, lyricist and lead vocalist and guitarist of the Japanese musical band Ling tosite sigure. He is famous for performing the opening theme song of Tokyo Ghoul anime Unravel.

Unravel is the first opening theme song in the first season of the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

The verses talk about Ken Kaneki as he battles to see who he seems as. The melody goes about as a limit for Ken as he at last grapples with himself. The melody is done in each episode, as an opening subject in episode two to 11 and an ending theme song in episodes 1 and 12.

1. Anime: Attack on Titan – Song: GUREN NO YUMIYA, Performed By Linked Horizon

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Linked Horizon is a Japanese musical band with arranger Revo as the leader. They portray themselves as a fantasy band and have discharged works that intently take after old-style suites. Their melodies regularly spin around recorded occasions and exemplary fantasies.

The group is famous for performing the opening theme song for the worldwide famous Attack on Titan anime arrangement named Guren no Yumiya and it takes place at the top of our list.

This opening theme song makes certain to give chills down your spine and it will recount to the tale of Eren grappling with the new life he should live. Titans assuming control over humankind, losing his family, and acknowledging he is a titan himself.