Tokyo Wine Party People
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The Publisher Bungeishunju Ltd. declared on Thursday that Shin Kibayashi‘s Tokyo Wine Party People novel is motivating a film adjustment this fall.

Hideki Wada is directing the film, and Mika Hayashi is composing the content.

The Tokyo Wine Party People novel fixates on a female office laborer named Shino Sakuragi, who gets a welcome from her boss to go to a wine party. There, she meets numerous individuals who show her the charms and traditions of wine. One of the general population she meets is Osada, who knows a great deal about wine, and is an effective specialist.

Shino ends up attracted into him, yet one day he is captured for window dressing settlement. Shino is stunned, yet she trusts that the honorable man she met and his wine suggestions weren’t untruths, and she keeps on going to wine gatherings and meeting more individuals in the wine world.

Kibayashi said regarding the novel, “I didn’t write this work as a manga, but I consider it one more Drops of God.”

Tokyo Wine Party People
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The Drops of God is a Japanese manga arrangement about wine. It is made and composed by Tadashi Agi, a pen name by inventive group of sister and sibling Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, with work of art by Shu Okimoto. Every one of the wines that show up in the comic are legitimate.

The arrangement was first distributed in November 2004 in Weekly Morning magazine in Japan. In any case, it finished on June 2014, with the last volume out in July. It is additionally distributed in Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since April 2008, volumes have likewise been distributed in France by Glénat. As of December 2007 the arrangement had enrolled offers of in excess of 500,000 duplicates.

Vertical Inc. is distributing the arrangement in North America under the title The Drops of God. In the wake of distributing four volumes (covering the initial eight Japanese volumes and the initial two Apostles), the fifth volume bounced ahead to the story curve for the Seventh Apostle (volumes 22 and 23 of the Japanese version), distributed under the name The Drops of God: New World. Vertical expressed this was done “by writer demand” and asked perusers to “educate every one of your companions concerning the arrangement so there will be second and third seasons to fill in the hole!”

A live-action TV adjustment, additionally titled Kami no Shizuku, was broadcast by Nippon Television in January 2009.

It has been highlighted in the New York Times Best Selling rundown of manga.