Tokyo Revengers has been one of the greatest new anime series to release in 2021, following a murder mystery that likewise includes a part of time travel, and it appears as though the franchise is preparing for another surprisingly realistic passage as the first trailer for its feature-length film has dropped.

The film is made by Warner Bros Pictures and will be delivering in Japan this July, however, a North American delivery presently can’t seem to be affirmed for the time-traveling epic that is surprising the world with the principal scenes of its anime. For the individuals who probably won’t be comfortable with the idea of driving Tokyo Revengers, the franchise follows the 26-year-old Takemichi, a boy who doesn’t have a clue what’s on the horizon for him and can’t get himself out of a genuine groove.

Check the shiny new trailer for the true to life transformation of Tokyo Revengers, which will show up in Japan this July and give us a fresh out of the plastic new interpretation of the time-traveling murder secret which is right now overwhelming the universe of anime:

Shockingly, the young hero ends up pushed before a train, which doesn’t kill Takemichi, yet rather sends him back to his middle school days where he is important for a pack that is hoping to become well known. As his time travel powers are investigated, Tokyo Revengers is hoping to establish a connection as one of the greatest anime to show up in 2021.