Tokyo Revengers

The upcoming anime adaptation of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers has released a serious new key visual! Tokyo Revengers is perhaps the most foreseen anime discharges generally speaking due to how special it will appear when contrasted with different releases in the schedule. Including the main character Takemichi Hanagaki, a slow grown-up who has as of late discovered that the young lady he dated in center school has been executed in a mishap.

Grieving over the solitary individual he’s consistently been in a genuine connection with, he before long discovers he can really go back in time through some extraordinary methods. This time slipping capacity really illuminates the most up to date key visuals for the forthcoming Tokyo Revengers anime releasing this April. While past trailers and key visuals have indicated Takemichi in his more youthful misconduct days, the extraordinary new key visual prods one of the critical pieces of the more established Takemichi’s life as flares consume around him.

While Takemichi’s time slipping undertakings start on account of the demise of his previous school darling, Hinata Tachibana, things get very more muddled the more he jumps into his past to change the course of things to come.