Tokyo Ghoul:re and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Blu-ray
Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot, David Production

Anime Limited recently announced that it will discharge the primary volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re as a Collector’s Blu-ray and a standard DVD on Monday, 13.

The Collector’s Blu-ray incorporates a 36-page art book and five workmanship cards. Anime Limited portrays the Tokyo Ghoul:re arrangement:

“Two years have passed since the CCG carried out their raid on Anteiku, marking an unmistakable change to the atmosphere across Tokyo as a result of this show of strength. However, rather than eradicating ghouls, the city’s supernatural denizens have simply become more cautious in going about their lives, while terrorist organisation Aogiri Tree seeks to grow in strength with the aim of rising to combat the CCG’s growing threat to the very existence of ghouls.

In a final push to investigate and exterminate Tokyo’s unwanted elements, the CCG has created a special unit – the Quinx Squad, an unruly team of humans who use the special abilities of ghouls to fight. At the head of this squad is an oddly familiar face: Haise Sasaki, a young man struggling with both a new identity and the difficult nature of his new teammates. It’s a problem made all the more difficult as his investigations begin to stir long-lost memories that could change everything for him…”

Manga Entertainment announced on January 8th on its official Twitter account that it is discharging two Blu-ray sets conveying episodes from the David Production TV arrangement adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The first Blu-ray set conveys 26 episodes, covering the initial two arcs of the establishment: Phantom Blood, recounting to the narrative of Jonathan Joestar in nineteenth century England, and Battle Tendency, recounting to the tale of Joseph Joestar in 1930s America.

Manga Entertainment’s second JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Blu-ray set conveys the initial 24 episodes of the Stardust Crusaders arc, which recounts to the narrative of Jotaro Kujo during the 1980s, on a long voyage from Japan to Egypt to go up against an old foe of the Jojo family.


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