Sui Ishida' New Manga
Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most famous horror, dark fantasy series of all time that was introduced to fans by creator Sui Ishida, and the anime adaptation by studio Pierrot.

The series has been missing for quiet a long time, and the creator took a merited rest before he returned to business. For as far back as a while, Ishida has been chipping away at his new task, and the artist uncovered the name of the arrangement finally in an ongoing Twitter post.

The famous artist took to online media to impart a short sketch to fans, and it is there Ishida dropped the huge sensation on everybody. He said he at long last chose a name for his new task, and it is as a matter of fact Choujin X.

He said:

“I fell asleep yesterday after finalizing the name of my new manga. I dreamt of Kaneki and spoke to him within my heart,” Ishida told his followers. “The title of my new story is Choujin X. Please enjoy it when you can.”

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The artwork above close by the declaration seems to show a part of Choujin X. The arrangement has all the earmarks of being another otherworldly loathsomeness given the animal in this sketch. The highly contrasting piece shows a transcending figure to one side that has spindly claws and a tight face. It is difficult to see the animal’s precise highlights since their head is turned down, however fans can perceive how fit the beast is with its lean casing. The artwork is finished with the expansion o of a kid. A secretive individual is seen inclining toward the creature, and their face is whited out. It appears there is a type of association between these figures, so fans are anxious to perceive how Choujin X interfaces them.

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