Tokunana Anime Gets Manga by Misa Sazanami
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Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Gene magazine uncovered on Monday that Misa Sazanami (Black Bard, Magia the Ninth) will pen a manga adjustment of the first TV anime venture Keishichō Tokumu-bu Tokushu Kyōaku-han Taisaku-Shitsu Dai-Nana-ka – Tokunana-(Special Crime Investigation Unit Special 7). Nanae Chrono (Peace Maker, Peacemaker Kurogane) is credited with the first character plans. The manga, titled Tokunana File 0, will make a big appearance in the magazine’s June issue on May 15. The manga’s first part will have an opening shading page.

The anime’s official Twitter account had initially reported the manga adjustment on March 24 with a review picture:

Sazanami’s manga happens a couple of years before the anime. A principle manga adjustment will likewise dispatch in Mag Garden‘s Monthly Comic Garden magazine.

Set in an alternate Tokyo on an unexpected world in comparison to our own, the anime’s story pursues Tokunana, a unit of amassed mavericks in the Metropolitan Police Department. Tokunana fights against “Nine” — an association carrying out violations in their ardent love of the mythical serpents that once wandered the world.

Harume Kosaka specialized executive is coordinating the anime with boss chief Takayuki Kuriyama and Yuichiro Higashide is accountable for the arrangement contents. Hiroya Iijima is adjusting the first character plans by Chrono for activity.

The anime will debut this fall.

Source: Kadokawa’s Official Comic Gene