2022 Toei Animations Highest-Ever Box Office Year
Photo: Toei Animation

The Japanese animation studio TOEI reported on Saturday that it has recorded a box office earning of 22,045,453,934 billion yen (about US$151 million) for the movies it has dispersed in the period from January 1 to September 30 this year, which makes it the highest earning year of all time.

TOEI Animation’s One Piece: RED anime film premiered in Japan on August 6. The film managed to sell 11.69 million tickets, and has procured a combined all out of 16,247,220,400 yen which is about US$112.2 million as of October 2.

The film has turned into the establishment’s most noteworthy selling and most noteworthy earning film.

Another movie that has done well for Toei up to this point this year incorporate Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO.

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