Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece the anime is going to add one more gratitude to its continuous Wano arc. As of late, the group behind One Piece got fans started up about the show’s next new opening. insights regarding the opening theme song have gone live, and it turns out a mainstream kid bunch in Japan will rejuvenate the new opening.

Toei Animation affirmed on their official Twitter account the new opening theme song was on its way with an ongoing tweet. It was there fans learned One Piece is getting its 23rd opening, and this one will be performed by the Japanese group Da-iCE.

The 23rd new opening theme song for One Piece debuts on August second with episode 935! The new opening song is called DREAMIN’ ON by the Japanese group, Da-iCE.

One Piece will get its new opening soon, and fans are eager to perceive what it has come up. Anime openings are key pieces of a show, and One Piece has some incredible ones. Up until this point, the openings for the Wano Country curve have been right on the money. This most up to date one should prod the following piece of the Wano bend, and there are large what might be on the horizon.