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The May issue of Shueisha’s Jump SQ. magazine uncovered on Thursday that Kentaro Yabuki and Saki Hasemi will distribute another one-shot manga for their To Love-Ru – Trouble-Darkness manga in the magazine’s next issue on May 2. The one-shot will be a full-shading manga, and the issue will likewise package a B5 clear document. The manga observes Yabuki’s twentieth commemoration as an expert craftsman.

The To Love-Ru – Trouble-Darkness manga finished in March 2017, in spite of the fact that Shueisha distributed two reward spinoff parts in the May and June issues of Jump SQ. around the same time. Shueisha distributed 18 ordered book volumes for the manga. The manga is a spin-off of the first To Love-Ru – Trouble-arrangement, and it propelled in Jump SQ. in 2010. Seven Seas Entertainment is discharging both mangas in English.

To Love-Ru – Trouble-Darkness manga essayist Hasemi remarked in the manga’s last volume that while any future advancements haven’t yet been chosen, the eighteenth volume was “not the last part” of To Love-Ru.

Yabuki is currently drawing the manga adjustment of the DARLING in the FRANXX anime, which launched in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump site in January 2018.