The previous evening, anime merchant, Kuma Holdings, discharged another trailer for the English name of THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION. Initially discharged in December of 2014, the anime motion picture got basic recognition. Be that as it may, the story by Soubi Yamamoto (author and chief) went under the radar when contrasted with most Shonen anime. Since Crunchyroll started gushing THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION in 2016, be that as it may, the motion picture has turned out to be progressively well known. Presently, fans can even stream the English name on iTunes and Amazon. Look at the trailer underneath!

Suffers from What?

THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION pursues the tale of Ayumi Tamari. Generally, Ayumi Tamari is only an ordinary secondary school understudy. He isn’t totally certain his identity yet, something we would all be able to identify with. Gracious! Also, when Ayumi worries, his skin starts to solidify, encasing him in a precious stone like substance. Isn’t secondary school the most noticeably awful?

Fortunately, Ayumi can trust in his homeroom educator, Kouya Onihara. Onihara finds the precious stones developing on Ayumi entrancing, and the team rapidly strike up a bond. After some time, Ayumi creates affections for his instructor because of their time spent together. Onihara is the special case who can help Ayumi handle his nervousness. What pursues is an account of sentiment and dismissal, with some fantastical components included for good measure.


In the wake of viewing the trailer, it’s sure that this motion picture offers a difference in pace from generally anime. Most dream stories are driven by activity and interest. Conversely, THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION centers around the particulars of regular day to day existence. Who are we? It is safe to say that we are bound to be distant from everyone else? These are the issues Soubi Yamamoto asks in his unique anime film. Upgraded by some fantastical components to physically show basic nerves. Subsequently, it appears just as THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION isn’t hesitant to emerge.

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