The Wonderland Anime Movie Reveals
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Warner Bros. started gushing an “exceptional video” for executive Keiichi Hara’s Birthday Wonderland (The Wonderland) anime movie on April 22. The video traces the Wonderland world that Akane enters, with the video described by Nao Tōyama as the character Pipo.

The movie opened in Japan on Friday and will screen in rivalry at the current year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June.

Based on the adventure fantasy “Mysterious Journey from the Basement” by Dr.Yukiko Aoba. Coordinated by Keiichi Hara, character/visual artist Ilya Kubushinobu from Russia, and composed by Miho Maruo.

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The story pursues Akane, a young lady with no fearlessness. On the day preceding her birthday, she meets a secretive chemist Hippocrates and their understudy Pipo, who both disclose to her they’re set for spare the world. Together, they set out from the storm cellar for “Wonderland,” and Akane winds up named Wonderland’s guardian angel.

Hara’s latest work, Miss Hokusai, appeared in May 2015. The movie won the Jury Prize at Annecy in June 2015. Hara additionally won the Asiagraph 2015 Tsumugi Prize in acknowledgment of people who have made significant commitments to computerized craftsmanship.