The Titan's Bride
Photo Credit: Studio Hōkiboshi

The Titan’s Bride Boys-Love anime‘s official website disclosed another cast revealed the July 5th debut date, another cast member, the main staff and the character designs of the anime.

The site also released the key visual for the anime.

Photo Credit: The Titan’s Bride
  • Noriko Fujimoto will be playing for Medina Nall Rosas
Photo Credit: The Titan’s Bride
  • Yuuki Ono will be playing for Caius Lao Bistai
Photo Credit: The Titan’s Bride
  • Kento Itō will be playing for Kōichi Mizuki
Photo Credit: The Titan’s Bride

Anime‘s staff includes:

  • Rei Ishikura as the Director
  • Animation Studio: Studio Hōkiboshi
  • Eeyo Kurosaki as the Script Supervisor
  • Shinichi Yoshikawa as character designer and chief animation director
  • Junpei Washimi as the Color Key Artist
  • Ue-gaki as the Art Designer
  • Taichi Maezuka as the Art Designer
  • Masato Makino as the Compositing and Photography Director
  • Natsuki Yasuda as the Compositing and Photography Editor
  • Ayako Misawa as the Sound Director at Black Flag
Photo Credit: The Titan’s Bride

The anime will debut on Tokyo MX on Sunday, July 5 at 25:00 as the most recent ComicFesta Anime title. Notwithstanding the customary communicate release of the anime shorts, a total premium version with express scenes will stream on the ComicFesta Anime site. Moreover, Tokyo MX will communicate an extraordinary on June 28 at 25:00.

The manga‘s story starts when Kōichi, a tall player in his secondary school ball group, is whisked away to a different universe while stroking off. There, he shows up in a realm of mammoths, and is asked by the realm’s first sovereign to be his lady of the hour and bear his kid.