The Rising of the Shield Hero stage play’s official website revealed that Kenta Nishi will play Knight Commander Nops, and Kiyoshi Ōno will play Vice Knight Commander Sable. The stage play will run at Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall in Osaka from March 27 to 29. It will at that point run at Theater Sun-shopping center in Tokyo from April 2 to 12.

The site additionally uncovered six cast visuals. Satoshi Ōgita is coordinating the play, and Kaori Moriyama is composing the content.

Carin Isobe as Raphtalia
Yūho Matsui as Ren Amaki
Ikkei Yamamoto as Motoyasu Kitamura
Atsushi Maruyama as Elhart
Taiga Fukazawa as Itsuki Kawasumi
Erena Kamata as (young) Raphtalia

The previously announced cast member includes:

  • Yūya Uno as Naofumi Iwatani
  • Ryūya Ishigami as Ake
  • Kotori Kojima as Slave Trader
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Myne
  • Isamu Ishizaka as Aultcray

On the off chance that you needed to look at the anime before the debut of the second season this year, you can presently find The Rising of the Shield Hero’s first season streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a Japanese light novel arrangement composed by Aneko Yusagi. Firstly distributed as a web novel, the arrangement has since been distributed by Media Factory with an extended story-line including representations by Seira Minami. As of February 25, 2019, twenty-one volumes have been distributed.

The Rising of the Shield Hero anime‘s official description is:

“Naofumi Iwatani, an easygoing Japanese youth, was summoned into a parallel world along with three other people from parallel universes to become the world’s Heroes. Each of the heroes was respectively equipped with their own legendary equipment when summoned. Naofumi happened to receive the Legendary Shield, the sole defensive equipment, while the other heroes received a sword, a spear, and a bow, weapons meant for the attack. Unlike the other heroes who are fully supported by the kingdom and gain several strong allies each, Naofumi’s luck turns to the worse after his single companion later revealed to be none other than Princess Myne, betrays him, steals all his belongings and leaves him devoid of all assistance and supplies after she falsely accuses him of raping her.

Shunned by everyone from the King to peasants, Naofumi is forced to train as a hero alone while working to make ends meet, until he buys from a slave trader a young tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia and an egg that hatches into a bird creature whom he names “Filo”, both quickly growing into adulthood and becoming powerful warriors under his care. As they little by little gain the trust and gratitude of the people with their heroic actions, Naofumi, and his companions work hard to fulfill their mission as saviors of the world while unraveling its deepest secrets.