The Rising of the Shield Hero it’s still right now on target to open in Osaka later this March before traveling through Japan in April and to praise its up and coming debut the play uncovered its last group of character banners including full ganders at the last individuals from the cast. There have just been a few uncover with a dominant part of the key players, however, the last group incorporates one vital part, Filo.

The Rising of the Shield Hero stage play will run at Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall in Osaka from March 27 to 29 and it will at that point run at Theater Sun-shopping center in Tokyo from April 2 to 12.

The last posters as shared through the stage play’s official Twitter account give a full glance at newly announced characters:

  • Yuuna Sekine as Filo
  • Kenta Nishi as Nopus
  • Kiyoshi Ohno as Saber
  • Ryu Ishigami as Eyck

Filo is without a doubt the major champion of these last increments as fans have been needing to see her real-life take particularly since the stage play was first declared, and the play plainly doesn’t disillusion!