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The Promised Neverland is one of the latest few years’ biggest hits in the Shonen anime universe that managed to get an astounding amount of fans’ attention and it was undoubtedly all well-deserved.

The series had a dubious consummation for its anime, without a doubt, with numerous fans reacting adversely to the way that the subsequent season wrapped the account of the vagrants of Gracefield House, however, maybe Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka are a long way from done with regards to the universe of manga. Declaring another a oneshot in a forthcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, fans are left contemplating whether the makers of Emma and her companions exploring through a universe of beasts will proceed with another story that investigates the evil scene.

The debate encompassing The Promised Neverland’s subsequent season, which went about as a series finale for the anime delivered by Clover Works boiled down to a few distinct variables. Various since a long time ago expected storylines from the manga were apparently left on the cutting room floor, like Goldy Pond, with various different changes being made that changed around how the narrative of the anime contrasted from that of the manga. On top of these changes, the last snapshots of the series were investigated in a progression of still pictures, that, as per numerous fans, hurried through the occasions of the show’s finale at a speed that caused numerous watchers’ heads to turn.

Down on Twitter, a user named @WSJ_Manga shared the news that both Kaiu Shirai and Demizu would be getting back with another a oneshot in “DS3” debuting in the forthcoming Weekly Shonen Jump that will help in commending the fifth commemoration of their creepy story in The Promised Neverland!

The Promised Neverland Season 2 anime premiered on January 8, 2021.

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The anime was initially scheduled to premiere on October 2020 but it was delayed to January 2021 due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

The Promised Neverland anime’s first season premiered from January to March 2019 and it is based on Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland manga.

The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump from August 2016 to June 2020, with the individual chapters gathered and distributed by Shueisha into twenty tankōbon volumes.

The story follows a gathering of stranded kids in their break plan from a orphanage after they understand a dull mystery.

You can watch the anime’s first season by following this link! – Crunchyroll

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