Maes Hughes
Photo Credit: Studio BONES

Anime has managed to become a mainstream of the entertainment industry for the last few decades and anime is also a great source for discussion, debates and fans like to debate over the best anime characters with a certain basis.

Fans are regularly part on most characters they run into. Indeed, even the background heroes and villainous characters can work up significant discussions with fans. Obviously, that implies it is elusive any character who is all around adored in anime, however one fan brought up there is one such man who was deplorably taken from us excessively fast.

Down on Twitter a famous anime fan @PridefulSin got fans all up in their feelings when they posted a harmless photograph. It was there the user said the following:

“only anime character that nobody hates” 

The character is nobody else than Maes Hughes from the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise.

Fans’ of Maes Hughes rushed to back the tweet as even the most steadfast Fullmetal Alchemist. haters concede Maes was excessively unadulterated to his benefit. The character is a fundamental piece of the anime as his connections to State Alchemy run profound. Actually, Maes was regularly viewed as an adorable uncle to Edward and Alphonse by fans, so his death shook the being a fan. Also, in its own particular manner, his murder guaranteed Maes’ heritage as one of the most adored anime characters to date.

Photo Credit: Studio BONES

For those new to the saint, Maes was a military proposal in Central City where he worked intimately with Roy Mustang. At the point when the Elric siblings came to town, Maes regarded them as one of his own, and fans began to look all starry eyed at his father jokes and caring character. Actually, Maes epitomized the ideal father and spouse for his family. His companionship with Roy affirmed Maes was out of this world faithful, yet it was his unwaveringness that got him slaughtered as he attempted to reveal a profound mystery about the administration.

Maes might not have been around for long, yet his inheritance recalls that him as a caring man who was eager to die for everyone’s benefit. Also, with his notoriety unchangeable, it appears netizens agree Maes is one of the main anime character who is difficult to hate.