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Crunchyroll is here to chronicle Solo Leveling’s incredible journey from webtoon smash to anime phenomenon, and a forthcoming two-part documentary called THE LEVELING OF SOLO LEVELING intends to examine the various forms that Solo Leveling has taken, from its inception to the global premiere events for the anime.

THE LEVELING OF SOLO LEVELING, a documentary produced by Crunchyroll in collaboration with AllSo, a Paris-based production firm, includes interviews with more than 20 individuals,with fans as well.

When is Solo Leveling episode 8 coming out?

Solo Leveling episode 8 will be released on March 2, 2024.

When was Solo Leveling episode 7 released?

Solo Leveling episode 7 has been released on February 17, 2024.

Solo Leveling anime premiered on January 6. The anime’s ending theme song “request” is performed by krage.

 The English dub cast includes:

  • The main dual blade-wielding, shadow summoning, solo leveling guy Sung Jinwoo [성진우] will be played by Aleks Le
  • Trusty rich sidekick extraordinaire Yoo Jinho [유진호] will be played by Justin Briner
  • The hard-working sister Sung Jinah [성진아] will be played by Rebecca Wang
  • The lovely, deadly S-rank hunter Cha Hae-in [차해인] will be played by Michelle Rojas
  • Flame-wielding, cool glasses guy Choi Jong-in [최종인] will be played by Ian Sinclair
  • The beast mode with sick sideburns Baek Yoonho [백윤호] will be played by Christopher R. Sabat
  • The silver-haired wise but strong chairman of the Korean Hunter Association, Go Gunhee [고건희] will be played by Kent Williams
  • Chief inspector of the Korean Hunters Association Woo Jinchul [우진철] will be played by SungWon Cho
  • Sung Jinwoo’s hunter friend Lee Joohee [이주희] will be played by Dani Chambers
  • The English dub ADR Director will be Caitlin Glass!

BTS sibling idol group TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Hiroyuki Sawano will perform the opening theme “LEveL.”

The anime’s cast includes:

  • Haruna Mikawa plays Aoi Mizushino.
  • Taito Ban as Sung Jinwoo/Shun Mizushino
  • Reina Ueda as Cha Hae-In/Shizuku Kosaka
  • Hiroki Touchi as Baek Yoonho/Taiga Shirakawa
  • Genta Nakamura as Yoo Jinho/Kenta Morohishi
  • Daisuke Hirakawa as Choi Jong-In/Shin Mogami
  • Banjou Ginga as Go Gunhee/Kiyoomi Gotō
  • Makoto Furukawa as Woo Jinchui/Akira Inukai

The anime’s new staff includes:

  • Sub Character Design: Chiaki Furuzumi
  • Monster Design: Hirotaka Tokuda
  • Prop Design: Sotaro Shiraishi
  • Background Art Director: Yasuhiro Okumura
  • Color Design: Naomi Nakano
  • VFX Director: Daichi Iseki
  • CG Director: Toshitaka Morioka
  • Motion Graphics: Hiromu Ōshiro
  • Editing: Yūji Kondō
  • Sound Director: Ryō Tanaka

Previously announced staff includes:

  • Shunsuke Nakashige as the Director
  • A-1 Pictures as Animation Studio
  • Noboru Kimura as the Head Writer
  • Tomoko Sudo as Character Designer
  • Hiroyuki Sawano as Music Composer

Crunchyroll portrays the Solo Leveling anime as following:

“It’s been over a decade since the sudden appearance of the “gates”—the paths that connect our world with a different dimension. Since then, certain humans have awakened to supernatural powers. We call these individuals “hunters.” Hunters make their living by using their powers to conquer dungeons inside the gates. In this world of tough customers, the low-ranked hunter Jinwoo Sung is known as “the weakest hunter of all mankind.” One day, Jinwoo gets fatally injured when he runs into high-rank double dungeons hidden within a low-rank dungeon. Just then, a mysterious quest window appears in front of him. On the verge of death, Jinwoo decides to accept the quest and starts leveling up… while the others aren’t.”

Solo Levelin, is a South Korean web novel composed by Chugong. It was serialized in Kakao’s advanced comic and fiction stage KakaoPage on July 25, 2016, and was subsequently distributed by D&C Media under their Papyrus mark on November 4, 2016. The novel has since been authorized in English by Yen Press, as well as by Web-novel under the title Only I Level Up.

The webtoon transformation of Solo Leveling was first serialized in KakaoPage on March 4, 2018, and is outlined by Jang-Sung-Rak, the CEO of Redice Studio. The webtoon’s most memorable season closed on March 19, 2020, and its subsequent season continued serialization on August 1, 2020. Its singular parts have been gathered and distributed by D&C Media into four volumes as of July 2022.

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