Crunchyroll Originals has been driving ahead with a portion of the previous year’s greatest titles. The main trailer for The God of High School is here, and it is as activity stuffed as you might want. The energizing clasp gives fans a view at three of the show’s primary characters, and they are generally prepared to battle immediately.

The trailer, which can be seen underneath, shows Jin Mori in the entirety of his active activity. The lighthearted contender glances in his component when in the ring, and his hand to hand fighting aptitudes guarantee he brings down whoever he is matched against.

“Inside the trailer, fans will get an activity stuffed prologue to Jin Mori, the cheerful, nice hero of the arrangement who wants to battle utilizing Taekwondo, Han Daewi, a sympathetic Kyokushin karate client who esteems his companions, and Yoo Mira, a Moonlight sword client resolved to carry on her family’s convention,”

Crunchyroll portrays the trailer:

The blurbs will give you a battered sense of the characters and what The God of High School is all about. From afar, the story follows three leads as they and many others entered The God of High School tournament to see who the toughest fighter of all the students is. But behind the scenes, there is more going on that fans will love learning about when the show debuts this summer.