Jack Jeanne
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Tokyo Ghoul reached an end a year ago finally, yet the heavenly arrangement’s maker isn’t prepared to take early retirement. The Japanese manga artist Sui Ishida has chosen to venture out with another project, and fans got a first take a gander at the manga this end of the week.

Along these lines, this is a goodbye to Ken Kaneki for a bit. It appears Ishida is prepared to put the focus on Mitsuki Shirota these days.

The project is titled Jack Jeanne and will be made in partnership with Happinet and Broccoli.

The official site for Jack Jeanne was made open a couple of days prior to highlighting work of art and a secret video for the manga.

Throughout the end of the week, fans were given a nearby take a gander at the new arrangement Ishida has been taking a shot at. The undertaking is titled Jack Jeanne and will be made in association with Happinet and Broccoli.

Up until now, there is no word on what format Jack Jeanne will take. Numerous fans anticipate that the title should be a manga, yet Ishida could shock his fans by revealing a mobile game or even a unique anime. There is no firm discharge date for Jack Jeanne starting at yet, so fans are wanting to hear increasingly about the baffling task as 2019 folds into the spring season.