Regardless of whether in the comics or Amazon’s series, Homelander is by a wide margin the most grounded superhuman in The Boys, and which anime characters could bring the Supe down? Homelander is the main antagonist of The Boys and the head of The Seven, which is a gathering of superheroes oversaw by Vought International.

Homelander is by a wide margin the most impressive hero and can be depicted as a malevolent, substantially more savage Superman. Dissimilar to Superman, Homelander’s shortcomings have not been uncovered, making him an unfavorable danger in the arrangement.

Stan Edgar, CEO of Vought International, reveals to Homelander that he isn’t their most valued resource, inferring that Homelander might be more imperfect and less powerful than watchers figure it out. Despite the fact that he is a scary figure, there are anime characters with God-like forces who could challenge him and even win.

Ains Ooal Gown:

The Boys: 5 Top Anime Characters That Could Kill Homelander

Preferred portrayed as a hero over a saint, Ains Ooal Gown from Overlord is another character that could be described as overwhelming. He is an undead skeleton with several spells available to him. Spells that would be instrumental in Homelander’s annihilation, including those that raise the dead, Despair Aura, and a spell that gets an opportunity of causing moment demise. Ains is a gifted liar, yet in the event that Homelander sees this, his scorn for falsehoods would make him lose his temper and settle on imprudent choices.

Lelouch Vi Brittania:

The Boys: 5 Top Anime Characters That Could Kill Homelander

Lelouch is an amazing tactician who has guided a little gathering of individuals to triumph in a fight that vigorously preferred the rival side. Truly, he was unable to stay aware of Homelander. Nonetheless, his Geass would tilt any experience in support of Lelouch. However long he gives a verbal order and visually connects, he can arrange Homelander to do anything. Homelander, being as certain as he may be, has never had any issues with visually connecting with individuals previously and Homelander has no ethics, so obstruction would not be an issue.


The Boys: 5 Top Anime Characters That Could Kill Homelander

Koro-sensei may appear to be a conventional, humble instructor when the octopus-like appearance isn’t considered, he is really the most remarkable being in Assassination Classroom. He must be harmed by specific weapons, and Homelander’s warmth vision might be one of them. It is the nearest thing that he has to the Spear of Light, a weapon fit for hurting Koro-sensei.


The Boys: 5 Top Anime Characters That Could Kill Homelander

Saitama has never been harmed by his adversaries. He is basically excessively solid, to where even an indifferent punch could take out reprobates that others would discover hard to crush. His exceptional physical preparation has made him overwhelmed.

In spite of the fact that he can’t fly, Saitama can hop up to outrageous statures, even fit for bouncing from the moon right to the Earth. Fans call Saitama One-Punch Man on the grounds that nobody can withstand his punch when he quits fooling around.

Ichigo Kurosaki:

Ichigo Kurosaki is a Substitute Shinigami, whose force was recognized by the Soul Society in Bleach. He is solid to the point that he was a possibility for the situation of Soul King. As a Substitute Shinigami, Ichigo would be undetectable to anybody without profound forces. In case Homelander can even now observe him, given that nobody has had the option to escape The Seven’s chief without zinc going about as a shield, Ichigo actually has high quality, speed, and toughness that is additionally improved with his Bankai and empty veil.