Tenjiku Neppūroku
Photo Credit: google

The current year’s eleventh issue of Hakusensha‘s Young Animal magazine uncovered last Friday that Sei Itoh‘s manga adjustment of Yoshiki Tanaka‘s Tenjiku Neppūroku (The Chronicle of the Scorching Winds of India) historical fiction novel will finish in the magazine’s next issue on June 14.

The novel tells a fictional adaptation of the narrative of historicalTang China representative Wang Xuance, fixating on his conciliatory voyage from Tang Dynasty China to the Empire of Harsha in India in the seventh century CE. When he happens upon a disintegrating realm that is presently threatening to him he gets away to Tibet and raises a confederation of Tang, Nepalese, and Tibetan fighters to mount a strike on the Empire of Harsha.

Yoshiki Tanaka distributed the Tenjiku Neppūroku novel in 2004. Itoh propelled the manga in Young Animal in September 2016.

Hakusensha distributed the manga‘s fifth assembled book volume on February 28.