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Psycho Pass New Film

Psycho-Pass 3 Anime Is Coming Back With A Film Next Spring

The eighth and last episode of Psycho-Pass 3, the third TV anime season in the Psycho-Pass establishment, uncovered early Friday morning...
Boruto Vs Urashiki

Urashiki’s Huge Defeat In The Latest Boruto Episode Receives Fans’ Reaction

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime has spent a couple of episodes with the villainous character Urashiki Otsutsuki, who is a member...
Haikyu!! Season 4 To The Top Anime's New Preview Video Released

Haikyu!! Season 4 To The Top Anime’s New Preview Video Released

Haikyu!! anime's season 4 is looking to be discharged early next year, following our preferred volleyball players as they hope...