Kaze Hikaru Shinsengumi Manga
Photo Credit: Viz Media

The January issue of Shogakukan’s Flowers magazine uncovered on Thursday that Taeko Watanabe‘s Kaze Hikaru manga will go on rest until the magazine’s July 2020 issue, which will distribute the manga‘s last chapter on May 28. The last chapter will be 100 pages in length, and will have a shading opening page.

The Kaze Hikaru manga will likewise include on that issue’s intro page.

Photo Credit: Shogakukan

Viz Media distributes the manga in English, and it portrays the story:

“In the year 1863, a time fraught with violent social upheaval, samurai warriors of all walks of life flock to Kyoto in the hope of joining the Mibu-Roshi – a band of warriors united around their undying loyalty to the Shogunate system. In time, this group would eventually become one of the greatest (and most infamous) revolutionary movements in Japanese history… the Shinsengumi!

“Into this fierce milieu steps Kamiya Seizaburo, a young, would-be warrior who, though lacking in combat experience, possesses a fiery enthusiasm to both aid the Mibu Roshi in their mission and to avenge his wrongfully murdered family. One of the group’s most gifted (and immature) swordsman, the legendary Okita Soji, agrees to take Seizaburo under his wing. But what no one suspects, least of all Soji, is that Seizaburo is actually a girl named Tominaga Sei in disguise! Will she be able to become a warrior and hide her true identity?”