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Sword Art Online finished the enormous Alicization adventure with the War of Underworld arc the last episode, however, the arrangement finished with a significant tease that Kirito will be getting back to the anime soon. The last snaps of the series saw Kirito, Asuna, and Alice entering an Underworld that has advanced 200 years from the last time any of them had seen it.

The arrangement even finished with a tease of a significant story to come later on and the last snapshots of the episode saw Kirito looking in reverse and making a way for the future with the words Kirito Will Return.

Kirito will sure get back to anime soon, however not as a continuation of the mainline Sword Art Online story. Rather, we will get another variation of the side project novel arrangement composed by Kawahara, Sword Art Online Progressive, that fills in as a redo of the main moments in the Aincrad arc.

This story sees Kirito and Asuna take on the Aincrad floors at a much more slow movement.

Synopsys: There’s no way to beat this game. The only difference is when and where you die…’ One month has passed since Akihiko Kayaba’s deadly game began, and the body count continues to rise. Two thousand players are already dead. Kirito and Asuna are two very different people, but they both desire to fight alone. Nonetheless, they find themselves drawn together to face challenges from both within and without. Given that the entire virtual world they now live in has been created as a deathtrap, the surviving players of Sword Art Online are starting to get desperate, and desperation makes them dangerous to loners like Kirito and Asuna. As it becomes clear that solitude equals suicide, will the two be able to overcome their differences to find the strength to believe in each other, and in so doing survive? Sword Art Online: Progressive is a new version of the Sword Art Online tale that starts at the beginning of Kirito and Asuna’s epic adventure–on the very first level of the deadly world of Aincrad!”