Photo Credit: A1-Pictures

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld has seen Asuna battle like never before as she has been helping Alice and the human region defend off against the attacking American players. At the point when she originally showed up in the Underworld, she had signed into one of three potential goddess accounts and was invigorated a colossal lift in.

Vassago kept on tormenting Kirito directly before her and took steps to execute the same number of as it took to wake Kirito up from his trance state, Asuna shockingly found support from a recognizable source. As she’s contacting her absolute bottom, Yuuki’s soul appears to her to give her that last push of certainty that she expected to wake up Asuna from her funk and retaliate against Vassago. Yuuki’s arrival at the arrangement likewise gave Asuna an additional piece of intensity.

Fans will undoubtedly perceive these wings as something related to Yuuki and her Mother’s Rosario expertise, and that is certainly on target as Asuna uses it directly after gratitude to the extra quality conceded by Yuuki and the pair of wings that she had gifted her.

Asuna’s goddess account in the Underworld is the most grounded she has ever been in the arrangement, and even that was insufficient capacity to totally vanquish Vassago.