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Kirito needs the correct weapons for the work, and he has a talent for loading his arms stockpile with the absolute best. It doesn’t take long for Kirito the hero to truly put the sword in Sword Art Online. From the second he ventured into the virtual universe of Aincrad, he was a committed ace of the blade, and he just improved from that point. As a genuine player, Kirito has accomplished some exceptional triumphs with his blades.

Kagemitsu G4

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Kagemitsu G4 may be Kirito’s most uncommon blade of all, halfway on the grounds that it looks like a lightsaber, and it was utilized in our current reality where guns were the standard. In the gunsmoke-gagged computerized universe of Gun Gale Online, Kirito looked for a blade, and he got his hands on the Kagemitsu G4. The cutting edge’s tone could be picked voluntarily, and the weapon was prominently lighter than any others that Kirito had employed. He could take on tip-top gunfighters with the Kagemitsu G4 and win, however, he must be cautious: this weapon was inclined to overheating and depleting its battery whenever used for a really long time. What’s more, in spite of the fact that the cutting edge is made of photons instead of metal, Kirito could utilize it to cut slugs in midair and hack his way through any substance, paying little heed to hardness.


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First up is a dark sharp edge to coordinate Kirito’s dim outfit: the blade known as Elucidator. He got this blade in Aincrad, and it’s a wicked beast drop weapon that Kirito would in general use close by Dark Repulser. Elucidator was utilized from Floor 50 onwards, and it immediately ends up being one of Kirito’s most solid weapons. Even better, Lisbeth, the metal forger improved its details to the point that it outflanks anything in her shop. Kirito tried Elucidator’s capacity by striking it against another sword, the best in Lisbeth’s stock, and looked as Elucidator broke the other cutting edge effortlessly. Kirito had this weapon close by when he crushed The Skull Reaper on Floor 75, and he employed it against Heathcliff, as well.

Dark Repulser:

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Dark Repulser is another of Kirito’s best weapons during his stay in Aincrad. It was frequently the friend of Elucidator, being a brilliant, light blue blade to supplement and appear differently in relation to the dim Eludicator. Kirito can express gratitude toward Lisbeth for this one since she manufactured it herself from a crystallite ingot, and she was there with Kirito when he got that ingot from a mythical beast’s home. Kirito employed the substantial Dark Repulser with incredible ability in Aincrad, yet heartbreakingly, this weapon was demolished during his extraordinary duel with Heathcliff, despite the fact that it served him well against The Skull Reaper.

Blue Rose Sword:

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The facts demonstrate that while the Blue Rose Sword was essentially utilized by Kirito’s companion Eugeo, Kirito took a turn utilizing it in the last battle against Quinella, the Administrator. It’s a profoundly pined for Divine Object, and consistent with its name, it was made of light blue-white ice with a blue rose on the handle, and it in the long run advanced into a mythical beast’s cavern. The winged serpent guarding it was inevitably killed on Quinella’s requests, yet the blade itself wasn’t taken by the Integrity Knights. All things being equal, Eugeo wound up utilizing it, and in the last battle against Quinella, Kirito employed it with incredible aptitude and resolve until it was at last broken in a fight. Concerning its capacities, the Blue Rose Sword flaunted mind-blowing cutting force and sharpness, having the option to hack down the Gigas Cedar with little trouble. Likewise, it could suffer blows from fire-based assaults, despite the fact that in many games and anime, ice-based forces are powerless against fire and warmth based procedures. That is an unmistakable demonstration of the Blue Rose Sword‘s capacity.

Heavenly Sword Excalibur:

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Heavenly Sword Excalibur is, obviously, named after the incredible blade of Arthurian legend, and a small bunch of anime shows remembers it for some shape or structure, including Sword Art Online. It shows up in the Alfheim Online, and Kirito is the unrivaled carrier of this novel edge. He acquired it when he finished The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace mission, and this current weapon’s details are so high, it even overwhelms the powerful Demonic Sword Gram. In contrast to a portion of Kirito’s different blades, Excalibur is a longsword, requiring two hands to employ. It’s not exactly as quick and lithe as his different edges, however, it can sure hit hard, and it was because of Sinon, Kirito’s companion, that Kirito got his hands on it by any means. He will think about her affectionately every time he draws it.

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