Yubisaki and Love
Photo Credit: "Suu Morishita"

Suu Morishita will launch a new manga titled Yubisaki And Love magazine this year.

Morishita has also posted a preview picture of the Yubisaki And Love manga on her official Twitter account on Friday.

Suu Morishita (Hibi Chōchō) propelled the Shortcake Cake manga in Shueisha’s Margaret magazine in November 2015, and finished the arrangement in March.

Morishita distributed three spinoff chapters on April 5, April 20, and May 20. Shueisha will distribute the manga‘s twelfth and last volume on July 25. Viz Media is discharging the manga in English and it distributed the fourth volume on May 7.

Suu Morishita additionally propelled another manga titled “I Will Be Eaten by a Predatory Heroine Within the Next Year” on Square Enix’s Gangan Online site last November.