Super Dragon Ball Heroes Trailer Teases Gods vs Saiyans
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game that generated it is presently preparing a major new storyline that will get adjusted into the anime’s following second season. Big Bang Mission, the new circular arc teased greater, improvements for the Dragon Ball Universe, with a significant uprising by the Gods of Destruction that help figure out which branches and creatures of the multiverse find a good pace.

Master Beerus and Goku got amicable after their underlying clash in Dragon Ball Super’s “Battle of Gods.”

The ongoing Dragon Ball Heroes abstract for Big Bang Mission better teases the danger Beerus and different Gods of Destruction currently posture to Goku and the different universes. Check out down below the teaser video posted by Twitter user “@DbsHype“.

The Gods of Destruction ascending to undermine the universe is unquestionably a storyline that fans need to find in the Dragon Ball Super sanctified arrangement, as it’s apparently what the arrangement. Master Beerus and different Destroyers can’t stay aligned with Goku and the other human warriors of the multiverse until the end of time.

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 anime is set to continue on March 12th that will take Goku into huge amounts of new fights.