Super Dragon Ball Heroes is prodding Vegeta’s next fight with the cliffhanger from its newest episode! The promotional anime series for the first card arcade game in Japan is presently clearing its path through a pristine arc where Goku and Vegeta have ended up inside a brand new universe made by Fu’s bizarre evil force.

This new circular segment, New Space-Time War, will before long be making its get back with its third new scene in Japan, and that implies we’ll discover what’s close to come for the two Saiyans when the series proceeds. The second scene of the New Space-Time War bend includes a significant battle for Goku and an amazing new partner, and the last snapshots of the scene bother Vegeta’s next huge battle to come in the third scene where he’s seen remaining off against Turles and the Evil Saiyan Cumber.

Given his battles in the limited-time anime arrangement so far, it very well may represent the deciding moment second for the Saiyan Prince. The second episode of the arc sees Vegeta severed into his own in this new universe, and keeping in mind that we still couldn’t seem to see Turles or Cumber taking an action so far it appears now is their opportunity to do as such with Vegeta without anyone else.

It’d be one thing for him to go head to head against two enemies on his own all around, yet he’s conflicting with two Saiyans completely all alone. Vegeta and Goku had battled against Cumber the first run-through around, so this battle is significantly really tempting. Fortunately, the summation for the new scene prods that Vegeta will utilize the battle in this battle to get through some new cutoff points and even conceivably arrive at a pristine structure no matter what.