Super Dragon Ball Heroes New Opening Reveals Super Saiyan God Trunks
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Super Dragon Ball Heroes fans realize the arrangement has far more power helps than should be expected, however it is the reason they hold returning. Throughout the years, the notable arrangement has appeared in excess of twelve catalysts for its characters may they be saints or scoundrels. The appearance of Dragon Ball Super just added to the number, and it appears to be one most loved has taken advantage of an exceptional structure from the arrangement.

All things considered, the news is out. For quite a while, fans have realized Future Trunks would get the Super Saiyan God structure, and fans just got the opportunity to see the warrior in real life with the lift on account of an all-new promotion.

The clasp, which can be seen underneath, highlights a progression of recuts from the anime before Future Trunks appears. Trunks appears in his Super Saiyan God structure, and his hair is as red as anyone might imagine.

The contender appears to get a high ground against the scoundrel from the outset, yet it doesn’t keep going for long. The clasp cuts before fans become familiar with the fight’s result, however they will discover in the following portion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime‘s official description is:

Following the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku and Vegeta were supposed to be joined in their training on Beerus‘s planet by Future Trunks after he and Future Mai have returned to the present timeline in their time machine. Future Mai reveals that Future Trunks was captured by an unknown force, and a mysterious figure named Fu confirms that Future Trunks is held on the Prison Planet, a place under the control of Frieza‘s brother Cooler. Goku and Vegeta reach the planet with Future Mai, encountering their Time Patrol counterparts Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta who were sent to retrieve Fu before they are all attacked by a Saiyan criminal named Cumber.

The resulting fight against Cumber destabilizes the planet, with Fu escaping capture as Cooler followed, the heroes managing to escape the self-destructing planet with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta returning to their reality. But the event would be revealed to have been part of the plan conducted by Hearts, who recruited Cumber and four other inmates (including a cyborg version of Zamasu) for his goal to eliminate Zeno and his alternate counterpart.’